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Rentals Over 500

Lake Atitlan Rentals Over $500
4 Bedroom Heated infinity Pool
Lake Atitlan, vacation rental home with 4 bedrooms and a solar heated pool $1250/week LS
3 Bedroom Colonial Magnificent
Lake Atitlan, Santa Cruz La Laguna Vacation rental colonial house, huge garden $ 550/wk LS and $ 1200/month LS
3 Bedroom Furnished Central
Lake Atitlan, Panajachel for rent, 3 bedrooms available december 2012
3 Bedroom lake front
Panajachel, closed to the lake, big garden, 3 bedrooms $ 800/month long term rate
2 Bedroom Spectacular Views
Guatemala vacation rental, Lake Atitlan, Santa Cruz La Laguna, spectacular house on the hill side, $ 800 /month long term
2 Bedroom Big Vista
Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, Santa Cruz La Laguna, Casa Vista five volcanos view $ 550/month.