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Atitlan Solutions Rental Client Testimonials
Our Clients sharing their Atitlan Solutions experience.

From: Marianne Davis
Country: USA
Renting: STCRZR 10

"Casita Vista in Santa Cruz La Laguna, Lake Atitlan Guatemala".

"Casa Vista" in Santa Cruz La Laguna is the perfect place to stay when visiting Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.The house is located just a short boat ride from Panajachel, the mainland of Lake Atitlan. Althought it's a hike up the side of the volcano, the spectacular view is certainly worth the trip.
There are two great places nearby to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is Isla Verde, located just below Casa Vista, which is a wonderful restaurant and hotel that serves organic food made with wholesome ingredients. Also, there is La Iguana Perdida, an eight minute walk from the house, which is a hip and casual place to dine and have a beer with friends.
A twenty minutes walk to the right and you'll arrive in Jaibalito. There are a couple of goods restaurants and hotels, and the best experience you can hope for is at Club Ven Aca. They have both a jacuzzi and infinity pool, and sunday brunch is their specialty.
The house itself is gorgeous. It's a very modern home with two large bedrooms with built-in tiled showers and two bathrooms. The kitchen has new appliances and there is a new washing in the pantry.
The best features of the house are the patio and terrace, which give you breathtaking views of the lake. The terrace is located upstairs just outside the master bedroom, and the patio is on the main level. Both bedrooms are located so that you can wake each morning to a complete view of the lake and volcanoes. There is no better way to relax than sitting outside on the patio to enjoy your morning coffee.
Another great feature: the rental includes a guardian who is available to assist you with anything, such as carrying groceries, bringing in fresh drinking water, making sure the cooking and hot water gas is full, and completing repairs around the house.


From: Philip Light
Country: USA
Renting: STCRZR 07

"Renting Casa Palatalik in Santa Cruz Lake Atitlan Guatemala."

Casa Palatalik is truly wonderful. The pictures don't do it justice. Was just me there for a couple of weeks so I kinda holed up in the master suite like a little apartment. The porch right off the bedroom is amazing and the view of the volcano straight across the lake is unbeatable. Best shower I had in Cental America too and the enormous tub was nice too. Very comfortable, well equipped and supplied, and Pablo the gardener was extremely helpful. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.


From: Kent and Denise Blaker

Country: USA

Renting: PANAR07

Rock Creek, BC, Canada

We have been visiting Panajachel, Guatemala for a week annually for the past few years. We love the area and wanted to spend more time in Pana, and felt that renting a house would great.

I found Atitlan Solutions website and contacted them via email to enquire about finding a house to rent in Panajachel. I received a quick reply and information on how to contact Armand once we arrived in Pana.

Armand then took us on a tour of a few of the houses he had available to rent in the area. We choose a house that was just what we were looking for. Within a short period of time, the contacts were arranged and we were in the house.

Armand and his staff were very attentive and helped us with all our needs for our stay. They made arrangements for us rent the equipment for Wi-Fi access during our stay. Armand also took us around the area of our rental home, pointing out places to shop to make our visit go smoothly.

Our rental house was perfect. The house and ground were spotlessly clean and well maintained. Everything we needed for our stay was available in the house. The rental fee included a yardman/handyman, and a housekeeper. Our every need was looked after.

We so enjoyed our stay and plan to return again next year, and with the help on Atitlan Solutions, we again rent a house that will be perfect for our stay.

I highly recommend the services of Atitlan Solutions and Armand Boissy.


From: MIss Rita Stotka


Renting: PANAR 06

In the fall of 2010 I used Atitlan Solutions to obtain housing in Panajachal.

I was able to communicate via email with Armand Boissy regarding my needs for housing for a month in Panajachal.  He was very helpful and prompt in replying.  Before leaving home I was confident I would have adequate housing and I was correct to feel this way.  When arriving in Panajachal at the office I was taken to the house I would be in for the next month.  The house was better than I had expected it to be.  The kitchen was very well supplied with all the necessary items and many I was surprised to have available. (Like a stove with an oven)  I was also very pleased to have been provided with aqua pura (fresh drinking water) upon arrival.  As I settled into my new home and discovered there were a few small things that needed attention, Mr Boissy's assistant was quick to help  out with any needs or questions.

I was very happy with the service provided by Atitlan Solutions, and will use them again on my next visit.  I travel to Guatemala every year and I am happy to have found someone so very helpful and professional to find housing for me.

Rita Stotka


From: Raj K Murthy


Renting: STACATR01

Our stay was INCREDIBLE.

We loved everything and everybody. Especially

Nicholas (care taker), Jairo (driver) and his wife Claudia along with Terresa.

If I may recommend or suggest an idea, I would like to suggest Claudia as the person who prepares the food instead of Catherine. their hospitality and help. Thank you very much, once this semester is over (next 2 weeks) we will return to the web site and add comments for the house.

Thank you for your help..

Best wishes and we plan to return in the near future with our families..


From: Tom and Barbara Cernikovsk


Renting: STACATR01

Hello from your house!   T h a n k   y o u  !!!

We arrived yesterday and spent the afternoon just gazing at the lake.  Today, we went, with Manuel, on his boat to Santiago, to San Pedro and had the same lebanese lunch in the same restaurant weher we just bought their drinks and French fries as with you last February, then we went to San Juan La Laguna and returned.

We cooked and Italian dinner last night and will do a Hungarian tonight, with all supplies bought In Santiago and San Juan.  So many thanks for allowing us to stay here.  We will stay long enough to see Nicolas in the morning and leave a tip for him and Suli, then hurry back to Antigua.  Our rented Mitsbuishi Nativa, 4WD, made it up and down the hill well, but it's a bit too big for the corners.

Nicloas is charming and takes excellent care of the property, as, presumably does Armand, so you have a spotless house in great condition.

We are loving our brief stay, and thank you again so much.