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Tips on renting Atitlan Vacation Rentals

Renting a house waterfront or with lake views on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala tips

Atitlan Solutions has an extensive portofolio of Vacation Rentals on Lake Atitlan, to choose from. To rent a vacation rental home, villa or lakefront house is a proven formula for a cost effective vacation when traveling with friends or family. More private space to socialize with friends and families at sunset cocktail hours. Plus being able to cook at the house instead of going to restaurant help to save money. You can also hire a local cook to taste Guatemalan food. Lake Atitlan offers several charming romantic getaway for honey mooners.

Our listing of Lake Atitlan vacation rentals offers a wide variety of size, location, level of privacy.  Renting a vacation home or villa with Atitlan Solutions is a guarantee to have a local partner to make your stay a success.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect vacation rental you need and make your stay memorable.

  1. We recommend to book your house as early as possible.  The occupancy on Lake Atitlan is very seasonal but the best houses are reserved a months in advance. So in order to save you money and get the options you want start to book as soon as you can.
  2. With who are you dealing? Some properties are listed on various web sites and you most probably won't be dealing with the directly with the property owner. It is important to know with who you are dealing. Understand where you money is going to and who will be responsible of it. There are several pretend to be "rental agent" which are using web sites to capture potential renters to lead them to sale other preferred properties. Atitlan Solutions 's office is located in Panajachel. The properties we offers are properties we have build, as well we manage.
  3. Check the geographic location of the rental you are interested. It is important to know how far from the lake front you are as some properties are qualified lake front when they are actually back from the lake. Also be careful when you see mention like some steps up or not suited for people with difficulties to walk as some properties implies long walk and it might take out some of the pleasure of the rental experience. Check properties in town as you don't want to end up next to an evanlegical church that can be quiet noise.
  4. Ask for photographs of the rental property. On rentalsatitlan web site we don't put all the pictures for space consideration. But we send you pictures of the property or a video to help you have a good feel of the property.